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5 Distractions To Get You Through Lent

Is Temptation Eating You From The Inside?


For many modern Christians, Lent is a second opportunity of starting the year over again.

By the start of March all the good will that is conjured up at the start of the year has all but dissipated and now all that remains is bitter disappointment. Thankfully, by the time Lent comes around, we have the chance to either recommit ourselves to a change or, at the very least, lower the bar somewhat and find some sort of compromise.

Anyone who’s seriously attempted giving anything up for Lent will know the crushing obsession that soon follows the first day of the forty. The classic things we usually give up: Cake, Alcohol and  Television are usually the hardest to avoid. The reason why we enjoy these things so much is because they fill a certain hole in our lives. Over time, we grow used to enjoying these luxuries and soon we come reliant on them.

It doesn’t matter what you’re choosing to give up, there will come a time between Shrove Tuesday and Good Friday when you’ll feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and the only way to relieve the pressure will be to give in to your cravings.

But wait!

Before you fall into temptation, try and distract your frantic mind with one of these activities:

Clean Your Kitchen

wash-the-dishes-1335382_1920Far be it for me to judge the state of your kitchen, but I know from experience that a kitchen can always do with a clean. Before you reach for the chocolate, try putting it out of your mind by getting down and dirty in your kitchen. Pull out the appliances and give everything a go over.

If you’re feeling particularly brave you can even try having a go at cleaning your oven (or you can just hire an oven cleaner).

Have A Spring Clean

wicker-1616694_1920There’s nothing like a bracing clear out of junk to clear the head and lent is the perfect time of year to do one! Everyone has a junk-room or junk-corner where life’s flotsam and jetsam washes up and remains in an unsightly pile – now’s the time to exorcise it.

Clearing out garbage has been proven to clear the mind, as you de-clutter your home you’ll be able to breathe a little easier and soon you won’t even be thinking about having that evening drink.

Go For A Run

running-1705716_1920If the biscuit tin is glaring at you with an intensely sultry expression then do the sensible thing: run away! Although you might try and clean your home of forbidden items, the odd crumb might still remain. Banish any thoughts of caving in by throwing on your trainers and going for a run.

Exercise is a great way of suppressing appetite that has also been proven to reduce stress levels, if you’re not quite up for jogging then a brisk walk can do just fine!

Bake A Cake

egg-944495_1920Cake is one of the classic luxuries that most people choose to swear off over Lent – but baking the cake itself doesn’t have to be off limits. The whole baking process is a therapeutic one. Following a recipe can ease your mind and take it off whatever you’re missing.

Once the cake’s finished, you’ll have the satisfaction of completing your task and you’ll have some baked goods that you can share with friends or even sell for charity. 

Watch An Easter Movie

children-403582_1920Nothing focuses the mind stronger than reminding yourself of Jesus’ struggle. If you need to take your mind off the idea of reaching for the chocolate, then grab a healthy snack and sit down with a religious movie that gives you a deeper understanding of the journey of Christ.

Take a look at our list of 4 Easter Movies and watch a film that will remind you of the sacrifices that he made to save our souls.