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Halls for Hire Near You!

We talk to local ministers, reverends and Church leaders about how they fill their organisation coffers with money…

Regardless of its age or the size of its congregation, keeping a church’s financials afloat can be a real challenge.

There are a myriad of costs a church can come up against, both foreseen and unforeseen, with many of them having the potential to put an institution into serious debt. Taking a proactive, practical approach to raising funds is something that every Church organisation can do, especially if they’re finding that their coffers are a little stretched from one month to the next.

In this blog we’ll be talking about hiring out halls and function rooms. We’ve spoken to a number of individuals, all of whom have worked within Churches or religious organisations, and have gleaned some of the very best tips for hiring out your spaces and keeping your Church in the black.

Invest in good furniture.

“When we first started hiring out the church hall, we were dismayed by how little interest there was at first. We would receive plenty of enquiries and show potential clients around, but they would never make any bookings. After the sixth appointment in a week had fallen through, we started calling up these people and asking them what they were looking for in a party venue. The answers were unanimous: ‘We want halls for hire near me, with a lovely big space (which we had), and enough furniture to seat everyone.’ At the time we were only limited to a handful of old plastic chairs, and this had put them off. As soon as we invested in solid, hard-wearing churches we found that the hall was suddenly in demand!”

Hire some staff!

“Although some folks are looking to just hire out a space and be left to it, some people will want a hand with setting up their event. Holding a part can sometimes be really stressful, so we’ve found that by offering a few volunteers from the church we can help keep our clients calm, so they can enjoy their big day! If you’ve got a large car park you can offer parking attendants to help the arrival of guests, or you could even offer some hands to help with pouring teas and coffees. Church congregations are always full of good people who are keen to help out, by offering their help you can make your hall hire a much more attractive prospect to customers and clients.”

Health and Safety comes first.

“It’s important to not skimp on your Health and Safety briefing with people hiring your space. Many times you might have strangers hiring out your hall, they’ll have no previous experience with the space and will therefore need to be told about things like Fire Exits, Alarms, Locks and Extinguishers. It’s vital that you keep your Church’s Health & Safety manuals in check and ensure that whoever is showing around your new guests understands what to show them. If, God forbid, something goes wrong, you’ll want to make sure that the Church isn’t liable for any injuries or losses, otherwise you may find that your new venture could cost you a pretty penny!”