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It Takes A Lifetime To Find Peace, But Just A Few Hours To Visit North Wales…

How young were you when you first took a serious moment to lean back and try to survey some spread of reality and consider it?


When you first got a grasp on things beyond yourself?

I remember distinctly the time when I had not got my head around the idea that other people existed in their minds in the same way that I did in mine.

I remember travelling as a little tiny young person to London for one of the first times. I was peering out of the train window and looking at the rows and rows of houses, and just had a sort of realisation that behind every door there was family that existed to exactly the same extent as my family did. It was over awing.

There are so many others and so much happening. I remember just watching them fly past and not really being able to fully comprehend the magnitude of it all, but knowing I was having a realisation I had not had before, and one that was important and real.

I still have not completed that thought, I’m still struggling with it.

The thought: in a world of such scale, and a life of such vastness, how should you perceive yourself? Now this may not be the question that dominates everyone’s life, but it sure plays a role in mine. God is kind here, because it is his perspective that matters, how he perceives you that matters, your relationship with him that matters, and you can just let the rest of it fall into insignificance.


It takes a lifetime, pondering these questions, but last week it only took me a few hours to visit North Wales.

Beautiful, peaceful and serene.

Sometimes a change of context really helps you to gain some perspective. When I travelled to London that new perspective was terrifying, when I visited North Wales it was simply relaxing. Comforting even. Seeing those folk just living day to day as part of the land where they live.

You are not a single, alone thing. You are part of everything, and that is a good thing.