Early Christian Fellowship

The Life & Times of Early Christians


Patristics is the practise of studying not current Christian scholars but looking back at the very earliest Christian writers, those greats who are designated by many as ‘Church Fathers’.


It may not make sense to all to look back to find out how to move forward, especially looking back to the period that stretches in between the end of the New Testament times, or perhaps even the last times of the Apostolic Age (depending on who you listen too) to perhaps AD 451 (the Council of Chalcedon) of perhaps a little later at the Second Council of Nicaea in the 8th Century.

We look back to this time because the present can be far too obsessed with very transient, very ‘now’ ideas and problems. There is plenty that constantly changes and plenty that progresses and gets better BUT, there is plenty that is eternal and plenty that will always be true.


To decipher that which is eternal and universal from that which is merely today’s flavour we must look back, look to the past, look to what lasts…