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Spreading The Word…

The words we have are so old.


They have sat in the books in which they were written thousands of years ago.

These great books, these great works, these great words.

st-justin-martyr-5These words have sat and have been observed, absorbed, occasionally ignored, sometimes loved, sometimes hated. Now it is certainly the time to return them to the world, to get them out there, out there to the people.

I was walking through College Campuses in the US recently and saw a whole new world, but a world that was all easy to know and shared in all its true form with the world as we all know it and perceive it. There are thousands of souls on college campuses around the United States who could do great things from the work of the early christian scholars. From the work, for example, of Justin Martyr.

One of our great early scholars of our great faith.

A man who thought tirelessly about Christ’s life and the meaning of that life in this stage so close to his assent to heaven. He studied so intently and pored his life into the work that he was producing. What greater inspiration to college students could there be than that? There are ways of marketing in college and on campus, it’s just up to us if we want to use these techniques and services.


How much do we want to return Christ to the lives of college students?

And not the muddled, dirtied, confused Christ of the modern church but Christ as he was reflected upon by these early and brilliant scholars. If we can do this we can truly change their world and change our world and solve so many problems. I believe that. These ancient scholars were wise and insightful, they were bold and brilliant. They were in tune with Christ as he was and his teachings as he taught them.

Now that is what the world truly needs to be, now more than ever.